Exporting Data to the Desktop Version

We encourage users to export their data on a regular basis so that you can have an emergency backup of your data in case anything goes wrong on our end.

To do this, from the dashboard click on the View/Edit Your Data button as illustrated below.

Then click on the EXPORT menu option.

Then click on the option to start the export.

And finally, download the backup file by clicking on the link. If you haven't already installed the desktop software you will see a download link to obtain it at the bottom of the page.

Once the file is downloaded (typically saved to your DOWNLOAD folder, if you're using Google Chrome) you can start the desktop application and restore the data to your local computer. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DESKTOP VERSION IS OPTIONAL, AND REGISTERED SEPARATELY!! YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THE FOLLOWING STEPS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PURCHASE THE DESKTOP VERSION.

If you are an account holder of the online version for five, or more, years then you get a free registration to the desktop version.

The restore data process is destructive, meaning it will erase anything you already have in the desktop version database, so for your safety you are asked to perform a backup before you can restore. So choose your backup folder (again you can just use the DOWNLOAD folder for this) and then save your existing data (even if it's empty).

Now you're asked to locate the online version data backup that you downloaded from the online version.

Now you can re-start the application and all your online version data will be available to you.