Setting up Auto-Login or Read-Only Access for Guest Visitors

Once you're logged in, click on the SECURITY button from the main application page. Only users with "master" access can perform this function. This setup assumes you've already read through the security tutorial earlier in this material. If you haven't done that please go there now.

The following feature gives you a URL that you can either provide to guests, or use in your own website so that visitors can directly access your account without having to log in.

When you create your read-only guest user, be sure to deselect the Master checkbox, and then checkmark both of the remaining checkboxes as illustrated below, and then click Save.

After the record is saved, re-open the user you just created and a new button will appear... Get Auto Login URL.

After you click this button, it generates a custom URL that you can then share with whomever you like.

When your visitors use that URL to access your account they will see a plain wrapper for search and map viewing features.

There is no logout menu when using this method. The only way to get out of it is to close the browser window.