Uploading Images

This section assumes you've already read the tutorial on searching for your data. If you have not, please do so before starting this section.

To add images to a record, you must first search for your data.

When your record is displayed, be sure to click on the link for "CLICK HERE TO EDIT THIS RECORD" as illustrated below...

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the edit page and you'll see a button to Add Images. Click on this.

A new page will be displayed asking you to choose the image file you want to upload. Image files must be either JPG or PNG format. Click on the button to locate your file.

Locate the file on your computer, highlight the file, and then click the OPEN button.

Then click on the Upload the Selected File button to begin the file transfer.

Now when you're returned to your data record, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see the image file you just uploaded. You can add more images if you like by repeating all these steps.

This is a minimized version of the image you uploaded. If you click on the image, it opens larger in another page. From here you can remove the image but only by typing the word DELETE in the box and then clicking the delete button.