Searching for Data

Now that you have data in your account, you'll want to look at it. To do this, click on the View/Edit Your Data icon from the dashboard.

Then click on the SEARCH menu option.

You'll be presented with the search page. Here you can input keywords (whole or partial) and your data will be scanned for matching content.

Optionally, you can click on the Choose Data Elements to Search to further define your results. If doing this, only items with a checkmark will be scanned.

Use the top box to search by keywords alone. For example, if I wanted to scan the data for the name "Fred" I could type in that name and get any matching records.

Or, if you wanted to scan your records by grave identifier (either whole, or partial) you could input that information into the three location boxes in the section titled "Or search by location". These represent Section, Lot, and Grave (respectively, or whatever you decide to name them). So, let's say I want to scan my demo data for any record in section "A"...

Or you can search for records within a date range by choosing which of the four date types that are available and the start and end of the date range you want to specify.

You can also narrow your search to a specific cemetery within your account by changing the dropdown under "Which Cemetery".

And once you find the record you want, you can click on the VIEW link next to that record to view the record in the display page.

If you want to edit this record you'll notice a "** CLICK HERE TO EDIT THIS RECORD **" link at the top of the page. This is only visible to "master" users under your account. Click on this link to open the edit window and change the information as necessary.

Something you can do while editing, that you couldn't do while adding, is to add images to your data record. If you scroll all the way down you can see the button for this. We discuss this in more detail on another tutorial page.