You may (optionally) create deeds through this software. To do this you must first go to the Purchasers Manager.

You can either click on View/Edit Your Data or Configuration/Settings. Once you're on the Configuration page, click on the Purchasers Manager menu item, or click the Purchasers menu from the View/Edit Your Data page.

This will display a listing of any purchasers you've already inputted.

Click on the Deed Template menu to get started.

You'll see a very generic template put out for you.

Notice the keywords that are enclosed in braces. These will pull directly from your account database, you don't have to type each individual deed information, it will be inserted automatically so long as you put the keywords in he correct casing and spelling.

Please edit this template using the boxes on the right side of the page and be sure to click SAVE AND APPLY TEMPLATE before leaving the page.

Note: for those of you with knowledge of HTML, you may use tags in these boxes.

Once the template is saved you can produce deeds, but only for records that have been invoiced. Click RETURN to get back to the purchasers listing. Then click on any purchasers that has had invoices generated and you'll see the DEED link appear in the bottom grid as shown below.

Click on the DEED link and the printable copy will appear in a new browser window.

To print you can press CTRL-P on your keyboard. You may need to make some adjustments to get it to appear correctly in the preview.