Invoicing and Billing

You may (optionally) create invoices through this software and then work with receiving payments and producing statements. To do this you must first go to the Purchasers Manager.

You can either click on View/Edit Your Data or Configuration/Settings. Once you're on the Configuration page, click on the Purchasers Manager menu item, or click the Purchasers menu from the View/Edit Your Data page.

This will display a listing of any purchasers you've already inputted.

Click on the INVOICE SETTINGS menu to get started.

If you want to process your payments for a fixed number of months, check the Use Fixed Payment box. Otherwise payments would be handled like a credit card. Be sure to SAVE your changes before leaving.

You can edit an already existing purchaser by clicking on the Purchaser Name, or you can input a new purchaser record by clicking on the Add New Purchaser link.

The grid at the bottom of the page displays any graves added to this purchaser. If graves have not yet been invoiced you'll see a checkbox in the right-most column of this grid so that you can generate an invoice.

Checkmark each grave that you want added to your invoice, and then click on the button below to "Add Marked Records to Invoice". The preliminary invoice will appear and give you the opportunity to make edits. Some values are pulled from your invoice terms data and that is not editable here. You go back to the main Purchasers Manager page to edit these values and click on the Invoice Settings menu option.

When you're satisfied with this invoice click "Save Invoice" to get to the preview.

If everything here looks acceptable, click on SAVE THIS INVOICE... otherwise you can return for further edits by clicking RETURN FOR MORE EDITS. After the invoice is saved you are shown the final invoice and from here you can send a clean copy to print by clicking on the PRINT THIS INVOICE link which opens the invoice in a new browser tab. From here press CTRL-P on your keyboard to send the invoice to print. You may need to tweak your print settings here so that colors show properly and the invoice is sized properly in the preview.

An example of printing using Google Chrome is shown below.

Now when you return to this purchaser's listing you see the grid changes to show "INVOICED" instead of giving you the option to create an invoice. If you click on one of those links the previously created invoice is displayed for you in a separate browser tab.

When you're ready to process a payment received, click on the PROCESS PAYMENTS button.

Clicking on the invoice number opens the invoice for reference in a new browser tab. Clicking on the balance due amount opens the payment page.

All prior activity is displayed in the grid and then you have the option to create a payment record by inputting the Payment Date and the Payment Amount. Interest is calculated based on your Invoice Settings. It should be noted that the images displayed here are using the fixed payment method with installment months. You can also do payments in your Invoice Settings like a credit card where a minimum monthly payment is calculated.

Once you have inputted your payment record click on the SAVE ACTIVITY button.

You are then taken to the View Invoices page (which is not specific to any purchaser, it lists all invoices). You can also get to this page from the main Purchasers Manager page as shown below.

There are a few reports you can run to gather information for invoices and payments. To see these go to the REPORTS icon from the dashboard.

Click on a report to produce, though you may need to edit the date range before selecting.

*** COMING SOON *** Statements. More to come on that.