Managing Purchasers

Many users have asked if they can input a purchaser once and many cemetery records below. You can do that, and there a couple of ways to get to that feature.
  • Click on the View/Edit Your Data icon from the dashboard and then choose the Purchasers menu
  • Click on the Configuration/Settings icon from the dashboard and then choose the Purchasers Manager menu

Once you're on the Configuration page, click on the Purchasers Manager menu item.

This will display a listing of any purchasers you've already inputted.

You can edit an already existing purchaser by clicking on the Purchaser Name, or you can input a new purchaser record by clicking on the Add New Purchaser link.

Edit this information as needed and then click the Save button when complete.

A grid is displayed showing any cemetery records tied to this purchaser.

If you'd like to add cemetery records to this purchaser you would click on the ADD NEW link at the bottom of the grid.

Input these values and then click on the SAVE button to keep your changes. Notice that not all the data fields are available here, this is just a quick input page. However, when you return to the grid view under the purchaser you can click on the EDIT button which will give you all available data fields.