Inputting Cemetery Data

From the dashboard, select View/Edit Your Data.

To input a brand new cemetery record, click on the NEW menu option.

You'll be presented with the full data input page for your cemetery record.

Be sure to fill in all the blanks that you can. You'll notice dropdowns for Cemetery and Lot Type. These are from the setup you did earlier in this tutorial. If you haven't learned about those yet, please go back and read up on those sections now.

When you get to the Purchaser section, you can either input a new purchaser record, or you can pull from an already inputted Purchaser record. If the purchaser is new, leave the dropdown as "-- NEW --" and then fill in the boxes for the purchaser. This will create a new purchaser record that can be used again later. If you already have a purchaser on file and want to use them, find that purchaser in the dropdown and then leave the other purchaser fields blank.

You can also add images to your cemetery records, but only when editing a cemetery record, which will be in a later section of the tutorial.