Managing Multiple Cemeteries

Click on the Configuration/Settings icon from the dashboard.

This step isn't necessary if you only have one cemetery and your map is simple. But if you do have a need to create multiple cemeteries under your account, this is where you should set them up.

If you have a complicated map, you may want to break it up into different cemeteries just for mapping purposes. Many users do this if they have sections that run in odd directions and wouldn't be visibly pleasing on the mapping section.

Once you get to the Configuration page, click on the CEMETERY MANAGER menu.

You'll see a listing of already defined cemeteries under your account.

If you want to edit an already defined cemetery, click on the cemetery name. If you want to create a new cemetery, click on the Add New Cemetery link.

A new page will open with cemetery details.

Please provide all the details you can for your cemetery. This information will be displayed for your visitors when they view your map.

Once you're done editing the information, click on the SAVE button.