Destkop Version Registration Request

This registration is only for version 10.0 or higher. If you are using a version lower than 10.0 then you cannot use this to obtain a registration code.

Please complete the following data fields and you will be sent an invoice for the cost to register the desktop version. We only accept paper check payment for the desktop version, no online payment. By completing this form you will be emailed an invoice that you can include with your check payment. Once that payment is received you will be emailed with the codes necessary to unlock the application.

If you have not done so already and want to try the desktop version risk-free for 30 days, click here to download the software.

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If you choose to register the desktop version, you will be invoiced for a paper check payment. If you are already an online version subscriber, you do not need this software unless you just want a backup for your exported data.

The online and desktop versions are separate products and are paid for separately. If you choose one, you do not automatically get the other included.

This software is designed to run on Microsoft Windows 7 (or higher) computers. We will not guarantee the software will work on any computer lower than Windows 7, and we will not guarantee the software will work on non-Windows computers.