We offer two versions of our software.

Which is right for you?
Feature Online Desktop
Internet connection required  
Must install software on local computer  
Requires Windows 10 or 11  
Can be run from any computer, tablet, or smart phone  
Allow web visitors to see your data  
Repeating annual subscription cost  
One time payment  
Your data on our server  
Your data on your own computer  

If you want to try the desktop version risk-free for 30 days, click the download button.

If you have already installed the trial and it meets your approval and you want to register, click here.

Watch the video tutorial for the desktop version by clicking the image below.

If you choose to register the desktop version, you will be invoiced for a paper check payment. If you are already an online version subscriber, you do not need this software unless you just want a backup for your exported data.

The online and desktop versions are separate products and are paid for separately. If you choose one, you do not automatically get the other included.

This software is designed to run on Microsoft Windows 10 (or higher) computers. We will not guarantee the software will work on any computer lower than Windows 10, and we will not guarantee the software will work on non-Windows computers.

If you are a prior version user and have experienced a system crash, you can obtain version 9.6.3 by clicking here.

During installation you may receive some warnings. Only administrators may install this software, so if you do not have administrative permissions you must seek help from your system administrator.

You may see a screen that software with unknown publishers cannot be installed. If this happens, and you do have admin rights, you can bypass this by clicking on the 'more options' link and downloading the Microsoft "S" app which allows you to bypass this restriction.

You may also see a screen that says that Windows Defender is prohibiting running the installation routine. That may look something like this:

Click on the 'More Info' link to bypass this and you'll see a new box:

Click on the 'Run anyway' button to begin the software installation.

You'll see one more popup that says "Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?" Click Yes to begin the installation.

If you feel uncomfortable with any of this feel free to reach out to us, but if you don't accept the prompts you will be unable to install the software. Your option, then, would be to use our online software instead of the desktop software.